6. Environmental and energy aspects

This area will provide a platform for a discussion of the recent research work on development within Environmental and Energy saving aspects in the steel industry. The main purposes are to give an up-to-date on the latest development and studies in the areas, to share the experience, ideas and strategies, and to discuss the current issues facing those involved in this field.

Examples of topics to be covered


6.1 Environmental and energy aspects in iron and steelmaking

  • Energy savings and energy efficiency optimization
  • Alternative fuels and reductants in iron and steelmaking
  • Injection of waste plastics, flue dust or secondary raw materials into the blast furnace
  • Use of waste gas and waste heat
  • Challenges of renewable gases in iron and steelmaking
  • Use of secondary raw materials and wastes in iron and steelmaking
  • Emission avoidance from iron and steelmaking
  • By-product management in iron and steel production
  • Improvement, treatment and usage of iron and steelmaking slags
  • Water cascades and recirculation
  • Recovery of process chemicals
  • Examination and remediation of contaminated sites
  • New and alternative technologies


6.2 Efficiency increase and CO2 mitigation in iron and steelmaking

  • Strategies for energy efficiency increase
  • Smart carbon usage
  • CO2 capture in iron and steelmaking processes
  • CO2 storage and use from iron and steelmaking
  • Energy management systems
  • Use of CO2 from process gases for new products
  • Carbon direct avoidance
  • Energy and waste heat recovery

Scientific Advisory Board
Environmental and Energy​


  • Gunnar Ruist, Outokumpu (Avesta), Sweden​
  • Gerhard Endemann,  WVSTAHL, Germany​
  • Dr. Wolfgang Volkhausen, Thyssenkrupp, Germany

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