4. Steel materials and their application, additive manufacturing, surface technologies

This area will provide a platform for a discussion of the recent research work on development of different types of steels, i.e. AHSS, TRIP, TWIPHSLA, press hardening steels, corrosion resistant stainless steels, tool steels, heat resistant steels, maraging steels and others, powder metallurgy of steel materials and surface treatment processes and technologies for improving properties of steel materials. The main purposes are to give an up-to-date on the latest development and studies in the areas, to share the experience, ideas and strategies, and to discuss the current issues facing those involved in this field.  

Examples of topics and sub topics to be covered 


4.1 Steel materials and their properties  

  • Recent development and progress of advanced steels (AHSS, TRIP, TWIP, HSLA, press hardening steels, corrosion resistant stainless steel, heat resistant steels, tool steels, maraging steels, or wear resistant steels) 
  • Modeling and simulation on alloy design and development, process, structure evolution and properties 
  • Material characterization, and correlation between microstructure and properties 
  • Surface treatment technology and applications 
  • Mechanisms for deformation, corrosion, fatigue and fracture, creep, wearing and others in steel materials.  


4.2 Steel materials and their application  

  • Applications of advanced steel materials  
  • High strength steels for flat products for the automotive industry  
  • Hot formed steel parts for the automotive industry 
  • High strength steels for bars and wire rods for automotive and engineering industry 
  • Alloy and special steels for massive lightweight forging 
  • Lightweight construction concepts for agriculture devices 
  • Advanced high strength steels in truck construction 
  • Advanced high strength steels in mobile crane construction  
  • High strength fine grain steels for construction applications 
  • New steel-concepts in bridge constructions 
  • High strength steel for wind energy constructions 
  • High temperature steels for energy technology 
  • Tool steels for forming high strength materials 
  • Tool steels for plastic moulds and extrusion pressure tools 
  • The use of stainless steel in the food industry 
  • Modern joining technologies in multi-material constructions 
  • Solutions for hydrogen embrittlement of high strength steels  


4.3 Powder metallurgy and Additive manufacturing  

  • Metallurgy and technology of powder production 
  • Steel grades for the use in additive manufacturing, powder quality 
  • Properties and quality of additive manufactured components 
  • High Isostatic Pressing developments 
  • Potential use and application of additive manufactured structures in the steel industry 
  • Additive Manufacturing of special steel components Powder metallurgy and additive manufacture of steel materials 


4.4 Surface technologies  

  • Quality control and management of defects (production) 
  • Applying new surface layers (production) 
  • New surface technologies to improve corrosion and wear resistance (application)  


Scientific Advisory Board
Steel materials and their application, AM and surface technologies​


  • Prof. Guocai Chai, Sandvik (SMT), Sweden​
  • Prof. Lars Nyborg, CTH, Sweden​
  • Dr Claes Olsson, Consultant, Sweden​
  • Prof. John Ågren, KTH, Sweden​
  • Dr, Joachim Larsson, SSAB (Bor), Sweden​
  • Prof. Irene Calliari, University of Padova, Italy​
  • Dr. Gerhard Hackl, ASMET, Austria​
  • Franz Androsch, Voestalpine, Austria

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