2. Steelmaking

This area will provide a platform for a discussion of the recent research work on development within Steelmaking. The main purposes are to give an up-to-date on the latest development and studies in the areas and sub areas, to share the experience, ideas and strategies, and to discuss the current issues facing those involved in this field.

Examples of topics and sub topics to be covered


2.1 Oxygen steelmaking

  • Hot metal pretreatment
  • Current status and new developments in converter technology
  • New installations and revampings
  • Fundamentals of oxygen steelmaking process
  • Converter charge materials and their preparation
  • Ladle metallurgy
  • Converter refractory linings and durability
  • Plant operation experiences
  • Automation and on-line process analyses
  • By products, recycling and environment
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Slag treatment


2.2 Electric steelmaking

  • Equipment
  • Current status and new developments in EAF technology
  • Fundamentals in electric steelmaking
  • Process control, automation and modelling
  • Metallurgy of electric steelmaking
  • Ladle metallurgy
  • Electrodes
  • Injection of coal
  • Refractory linings and durability
  • Use of DRI and HBI in electric arc furnaces
  • Energy efficiency and energy recovery, Ladle metallurgy
  • Waste gas treatment
  • Slag treatment


2.3 Continuous casting, near-net shape casting and ingot casting

  • Formation of non-metallic compounds in the solidification process
  • Metallurgy and flow control in the tundish
  • Refractory materials and tundish lining
  • Heats scheduling and management
  • Continuous casting technology
  • Mould performance and initial solidification
  • Mould lubrication
  • Flow control in the tundish, mold and strand
  • Metallurgy of ingots for forging processes
  • Control of solidification structures and management of defects
  • Special technologies for high performance steels
  • Steel yield and productivity improvements
  • Application and control of electromagnetic fields
  • Metallurgical and operational results
  • Quality control and detection of defects
  • Solidification, segregation and high temperature behavior
  • Process development and optimization
  • Computer simulations and modelling of solidification, ingot castings and CC process
  • Automation, maintenance, on-line machine control
  • New installations and revampings
  • Safety and environmental aspects
  • Downstream processing of CC products and of ingots
  • New casting processes
  • Product quality (surface defects, internal quality)
  • In-line rolling
  • Near net shape casting, thin and medium slabs
  • Strip casting, beam blank casting
  • Research in progress
  • Remelting

Scientific Advisory Board​ Steelmaking​


  • Dr Jesper Janis Outokumpu (Avesta), Sweden​
  • Jochen Schlüter, SMS-Mevac, Germany​
  • Jens Kempken, SMS-Group GmbH, Germany​
  • Nils Edberg, SSAB (Luleå), Sweden​
  • Dr. Harald Holzgruber, Inteco, Austria​

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